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Mo:  Kerill's focus on anatomy and form and perfectly yoga correctly and safely make's this shala legit....Kerill's personality and care in her business shows through. Her attention to the students during the class and corrections are also super helpful. 

Nathan: I'm a long term yogi and have travelled all over the world and worked with over a dozen teachers. I've also completed Ashtanga Advanced A series. I went to Kerill's Mysore and Led Primary classes and thought she was excellent and would recommend her highly.
She's very strong on anatomy and tends to give verbal adjustments rather than hands-on, but when she does use hands it's very precise and safe. She has a student-centric approach and a good understanding of the deeper energetics and prana flows of yoga. An excellent addition to the Aussie yoga scene!

Kim: The founded Kerill's understanding of the workings of the human body is next level.
Kerill's kind heart teamed with her geninue nature to provide an excellent community Yoga centre for New Farm. Is a joy to be around with alot of laughter.

Rachel: Lovely space and Kerill is an excellent teacher with great knowledge of anatomy. She gave great advice to my help strengthen my practice as I work on first and second series. She's great for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Su: I'm loving practicing Ashtanga with Kerill - her knowledge of Anatomy and ability to communicate how the body works effectively throughout the postures is outstanding. Her approach of Fierce Compassion shows in her gentle corrections and focus on prevention of injury. Also, she has a wicked sense of humour, fostering friendships and a supportive yoga community.

Marie: Kerill has helped me to improve, deepen, and understand my Ashtanga practice like no other teacher before. Her knowledge, explanation and care are invaluable. Also this studio is a community where you always feel welcome, and that may be the best part of it.

Sue: I have been studying with Kerill for over 8 years now and she continues to inspire and encourage me with my own yoga journey. It is a testament to her teaching, generosity and great personality that her students fly around the world to learn from, and with her. I am incredibly lucky to have her as a teacher

Margarida: I've been studying with Kerill for more than 2 years, and my practice has improved enormously. I've been learning a lot about anatomy and how to work on postures safely, which has allowed me to also transmit the teachings to my students. The last retreat in Chiang Mai was magical, besides learning and practicing, we also had a great time outside the shala. I can't recommend her highly enough!

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